Friday 20 May 2011

My first kit goes on sale

I am really pleased to announce that my very first kit has gone on sale today in my folksy shop. I have designed 3 kits in total, a fabric tote, a hanging lavender bird and a brooch.

Each kit has been sent out to one of my customers to test drive for me before release and the first to complete her project and send in a review was Jo who kindly made up the fabric brooch kit.

This is the pretty brooch you can make with the kit

Jo wrote me a great honest review which I am going to share with you. I have taken note of her thread comments and have changed the instructions accordingly so nobody should get stuck! Heres what she had to say about her kit:

Firstly thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your guinea pig and make the brooch for you.
Upon opening the pack i was thinking omg how is this going to become a flower brooch! I checked through all the bits in the pack and then read the instructions first.
Not sure if it was me being daft but I initially started to sew the felt piece together with the invisible thread as the instructions didnt say to use my own thread and needle at this point! Not that it said use the invisible thread either but I assumed the pack contained all materials needed.
Anyway once I figured out that im being a wally and that the invisible thread was actually for sewing the beads in place I started again using my own needle and thread the secure the felt circle into shape.
From this point I found the intructions very easy to follow. Found the way to sew the beads on easy and instructions clear.
Making the petals I found very enjoyable and again instructions easy to follow - and hey if I can make it then anyone can :) cos tho I love to sew im not that creative with it, so found it really exciting seeing my flower come together and realised how simple it is really to create such a lovely flower.
Sewing the back of the brooch on again was easy easy to follow and made sense both worded and using the pictures as a guide too so I made sure that I was doing it correctly.
The final part of gluing the centre on and the back was fine and simple too.
So in the main aside from my first set back I found the kit good fun and simple to following for a total sewing novice like myself.
Would like to try some more complex brooches too :) I think they are a good idea as if the brooches are to be given as gifts, being able to make it yourself gives it a really nice personal touch.
Thanks again
Jo :) x

As soon as the other reviews have come in I will be listing the other kits, so do pop back to see how my other little Guinea pigs got on.

You can buy the Fabric brooch kit from my folksy shop here it costs £6.00 to purchase.

I am also happy to make your kit up for you in an alternative fabric/colourway please visit my facebook fabric gallery to see all of the fabrics I currently have in stock and send me a little message

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