Sunday 22 May 2011

Kit number 2 goes on sale - Fabric Tote bag

WooHoo my guinea pigs are doing so well testing out these kits for me. Helen kindly offered to try the Fabric Tote out for me and she did a super job.

Here is the bag that I made and wrote my instructions around.

She not only wrote a great review, but blogged about it and also featured the pictures on her facebook page for all to see.

Here is her review:

Firstly I loved coming home on Thursday to find a little pink package on the mat. I know it’s only a small thing but it was the start of feeling like I’d got something special. As soon as I opened it I thought it looked very professional in the packaging and quickly opened the kit. I have to say that I did find 5 pages of instructions a little daunting and wondered what I’d let myself in for but started to follow them step by step, running up and down the stairs to keep ironing various pieces of fabric, then coming down to sew them together. It was simple to follow and time flew by. Around 75 mins after I started I had a completed, gorgeous tote bag.

I came to realise how much my teacher training is ingrained in me though when I found myself annotating the instructions to remind me what to write in this review! 1 thing was measurements- at 1 point you used metric and another imperial so I think you’d be better to opt for 1 or the other. I also had a little hiccup in step 22 when it said ‘press the square for 10-15 seconds until the glue melts’. I literally pressed it and nothing happened. As someone who’d never seen sticky backed felt I didn’t realise straight away that it meant to press with an iron, oops! I also found the squares didn’t stick to the fabric well around the handles as it was too small an overlap. Putting a pin in position while I sewed it helped though.

So if you were to ask if I’d buy other kits the answer would be yes as I found it easy and fun to do. I also think you could do a more advanced kit where someone makes a tote bag from plainer fabric and then appliqué’s a design onto it. I reckon your kits will be a top seller in no time at all. Good work Claire :o)

After a couple of tiny tweeks to the instructions the kit is now available for sale on folksy for £9.50. You can buy yours HERE

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