Sunday 11 July 2010

My first item of clothing

Well I have been tempted to make some clothes for a long while, looking at books and reading blogs. So what made me finally run something up for me?

Birgitta, thats what! Birgitta is a very talented lady who has a wonderful little shop on Folksy selling beautiful childrens clothes amongst other things. For ages her followers have been begging her to make something for us ladies and whilst experimenting, she discovered the wonders of sheering elastic. Having mastered the technique, she shared it with us in a fab tutorial.

Well I was inspired to have a go and grabbing the nearest piece of vintage fabric I had that was big enough to turn into a tent I had a go.

If you look closely you will see my lines are a little bit wobbly and although the multi coloured thread looks very effective, I will admit that I underestimated the amount of thread required when making this dress so had to raid the vintage cotton box. Luckily for me all of the colours I had left were in the floral print of my fabric and it actually turned out to look really nice.

Next time round I would use French seams inside to make sure it was tidy and I think a few makes for my holiday in a few months are in order before they are anywhere near good enough to add to my shop. Luckily for me Birgitta popped a tutorial for those up on her blog today too!

My sheering elastic came from the lovely Claire at Patch Fabrics and I must admit a couple of fat quarters slipped in with it too!

If your on Twitter you can follow Birgitta @birgittadesigns and Patch are also there @patchfabrics


  1. whooooo hooooo!!!!
    looks it....I want to make a dress now :-)

  2. Lovely dress & the added bonus of getting to wear it as well!!