Thursday 3 June 2010

Vintage treasures and some transformations

I have been busy scouring the bootsales over the past few weeks and thought I'd share some of my finds with you.

Look at these beauties............

Scrummy tea caddies, vintage patterns and lots of lovley doilies and linens.
(My breadbin made an appearance but is NOT for sale)!

These patterns were a fantastic little find.
I will be taking them to Leigh with me so come and have a rummage through.

Not all of my finds were suitable 'just as'. Two in particular were in need of a spot of beautifying......

First up was this ghastly rattan mirror. Someone had covered it in gloss paint and then added insult to injury with these horrible wooden flowers! I'm sure an 80's queen would love it, but I decided to take it back to it's simple ways and give it a nice coat of matt minty green paint. She's on her way with me to the vintage fair too if you want to re-home her.

Thats so much better!

Next came this rather nice wicker basket. It was lovely just as it was, but I couldn't help but add a nice fabric lining. I have to admint waht seemed like an easy job was actually a tad on the tricky side and if you look closely you will see it is a bit of a bodge job. However I learnt from a few mistakes and think I have mastered the technique for future transformations. This little beauty is a keeper anyway and will look wonderful on my stalls laden with goodies.

What am I going to do when these glorious summer days are over? The garden is such a nice place to take some beautiful photos I'm dreading what my blog will look like come the winter!

Pop back tomorrow for more sneeky peeks of this weekends goodies.

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