Monday 24 May 2010

Bringing the inside out

What a glorious day it's been today. Little Mack and I spent almost the entire day outside in our garden. Our little flat is a bit back to front and our biggest garden is actually our front garden. As we are tucked away down a path and are not on the road we can get away with using it as our main garden.

Here is a picture of the garden when we first moved in 6 1/2 years ago it was a wilderness and it took us ages to get it looking tidy

After a couple of years we decided to gravel the entire thing and this is what we ended up with. Excuse all the people, this was taken at Little Macks 2nd birthday party last year and is the only picture I can find of the entire frontage!

The in-laws treated us to this bench set as a wedding anniversary present, but it's looking a bit worse for ware now

Since Little Mack started to walk, Grandma was getting worried about those low brick walls surrounding the perimetre of the garden so she treated us to their removal and the addition of some new decking. Today I decided I would bring the inside out and make it all pretty.

This is also a chance for you to spot some of my recent car bootsale bargains. The cushion to the left on the back bench was a £1 purchase and is VINTAGE LAURA ASHLEY! My wonderful green glass cakestand cost me £1 too and the peachy crochet doily was only 10p

This lovely quilt was £2 and although it is not vintage it has a great shabby chic feel to it. Being super king size as well it is perfect for picnics.

The cushion on this bench was made by my fair hands using a selection of vintage fabrics and vintage inspired prints. You might also notice my bread bin. This was found in my neighbours shed when she sadly passed away and has been living in my garden housing my garden tools. I was gobsmacked to spot it on Kirsty Fishes blog yesterday and am now cursing myself for letting it get rusty now I know what it is worth!

I hope you enjoyed my little spot of garden prettifying. I am hoping for lots more sunshine so I can enjoy plenty more vintage days in my little garden. I think all my neighbours who look out over me must have thought I'd gone a little mad, but I dont care!

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  1. such little respect for a wonderful bread bin!
    But you have reminded me i am CAR BOOTING this w/end! yippeee