Monday 31 May 2010

Anyone for chicken?

I was really struggling to think of some more things to make for the Leigh on Sea Vintage fair that would be in keeping with the theme, use up some more of my fabric stash and yet be that little bit different.

After a bit of thought I would like to introduce you to my latest creations. Chicken doorstops!
I loved making these, as the eyes were sewn on they really started to form little personalities. So much so I decided to name them and Mr Mack used his writing skills to come up with a little introduction to each of them for you.

Firstly I would like you to meet Patricia, she is the leader of the pack and slightly larger.

Patricia was born in St Michaels in 1970, she likes lazy nights in with a good book and a hot chocolate.

This is Gertrude.

Gertrudes hobbies include tandem cycling and knitting and she gets confused by things that are yellow.

This is Francis.

Francis used to live in a rectory in Suffolk and likes watching Wimbledon and the Boat Race.

All of the chickens are stuffed with polyester toy stuffing and have rice in the bottoms to weight them down. You could use the smaller chickens to prop up books or hold open lightweight doors. I think i will probably be making quite a few of these as they are a lot of fun. If you would like your own chicken, please do get in touch I have a huge choice of vintage and vintage inspired prints you can choose from as well as more modern polka dots and other patterns.