Thursday 22 January 2015

Bye Bye Blog?

So I am about to launch my BRAND NEW all singing, all dancing website and with it comes a blog. I'm moving over to Wordpress for my site design and after a long chat with my web designer, we both feel it's best that I cut ties with Blogger and start afresh.

But now the question is what to do with this blog?

I started this blog, many moons ago as an outlet for both my creative stuff and my love of bootsales and everything vintage.  There are lots of posts about de-cluttering and being a mummy and then there is my recent journey with dressmaking.

I feel sad to let it go completely and will obviously not be deleting it in favour of keeping a record of my craft life so far.

The new blog will be far more business relevant, with posts about our classes, tutorials and guest blogs from people with interesting lives and experts so I'm wondering...................

Do I keep this blog alive with the odd random musing?  Will I miss the space to have an occasional rant about my local council, or the chance to write a review about something totally irrelevant to crafts?

The bigger question is ARE YOU EVEN READING MY BLOG? Nobody seems to comment anymore so I wonder if I'm just wasting my breath!

Please let me know your thoughts, should I carry on using this as a 'personal' blog space and the new site for more business stuff, or shall I just leave this blog well alone and let it live as an online museum to what is Beautiful Things?


  1. I am new to your blog and just coming in at the end, so I can't really offer an opinion. I would think that if you leave it here it is always available if you want to have "the odd rant" as you say. Those that are subscribed will get notice that you have posted and you could always mention it in your new blog if it is something you think people would enjoy reading. I shall have to watch my Twitter feed to find your new web location.

    1. Thanks Jen good points! The new blog will be on my website I will post on here when it goes live

  2. I'd keep it on the back burner for those blogs that may not fit in with your new, business based blog and for those times when you just have to put 'pen to paper' and have a rant!

    I do read your posts but, as happens on my own blog, people seem to leave comments on Facebook or twitter on the posts where I mentioned the blog rather than on the blog itself.

    So...I'd say keep it!

  3. Would you recommend employing someone with experience
    to do the link exchanges, or would you do it personally?

    Will definitely be returning, its a great blog!