Monday 29 December 2014

New Years Resolutions 2015

Well another year in Blogland has passed and I cant help but think I may have dismally failed on my New Years Resolutions for 2014.  You can read my initial post about it HERE but here's how I have got on:

Finally finish my Granny Challenge blanket

That one was easy I finished it on the 27th January and here is it's big reveal TA DA

Open the bag containing the box full of unfinished bits and bobs hidden under my desk at work and get it all finished.

Nope still there!

Sell off all my old stock to make way for new supplies

Most of this has gone now following a run of successful shopping events.  There is still a bag left but there was 3 so that's not bad!

Class plan at least 3 months in advance and start Christmas plans a lot earlier than 2013

Tick! I have been much better at this and we were teaching Christmas classes back in the summer!  I've even made a good start on planning our 2015 Christmas classes already!

Make more clothes for me and improve my dress making skills

Just going back through the years blog posts will cover the amount of dressmaking I've been doing.  I am delighted with the fact I have not bought a single item of clothing this year other than the odd long sleeved top and a pair of jeans!

Make a start on next years Christmas presents a lot sooner than December!

Oh dear *hangs head in shame* I managed two bits of ceramic painting and a crochet cactus this year.  I think I need to make a start now for Christmas 2015

Make as many as possible of my birthday cards for friends and family in 2014

BIG FAT FAIL not a single one made!

So what are my plans for 2015?  Check back in a few days to find out.  How did you get on with your New Years resolutions?

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