Wednesday 5 November 2014

Learn What You Like!

We’ve changed our ‘Mix It Up’ days to ‘Learn What You Like’, BUT they’re still exactly the same - just a name change!

We run Learn What You Like classes here at Beautiful Things, where you can come in and learn whatever you like! You’re welcome to learn how to make anything you wish, whether that be dressmaking or crochet we will always be there to help and guide you throughout the session.

Don’t worry if you need more than one session to finish what you’re making, we’re more than happy to let you continue on to the next Learn What You Like session, or whenever you’re next available.  

If you've got a project in mind that you're dying to make, or just need that helping hand with one you're half way through,  you can call Beautiful Things on 01277 811136 to enquire.

To give you an idea of what you can learn to make in these sessions, we've put together a collage of what our past pupils have made. You can view when these sessions are on here.

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