Tuesday 9 September 2014

One Week One Pattern - Days 2,3 & 4

How rubbish am I? Commit to #OWOP14 and so far I have blogged once and we are 4 days in already woops!

sooooooo, an update:

Sunday saw me sporting my flowery Emery for a day at work

Monday was a very important day for my little man, not only was he starting a new school but he was starting juniors.  I decided to wear an Emery I have yet to blog about that I made from an old curtain!  

I really didn't mean to match his school uniform but a friend on facebook pointed out it was quite cool!

Today was beautifully sunny so I cracked out the Care Bear emery.  No chance to take a picture of me today but here's an old instagram from the 1st time I wore it.

The next couple of days will see a re-run of home sewing is easy and my flowery one and I will save my best for last on Friday with another blog post.

Are you taking part in One Week One Pattern? Do share your blogs in the comments so I can come and visit.

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