Wednesday 27 August 2014

Where do I sew?

I know not everyone is as lucky as me to have a purpose built studio to work in, but if I'm honest I very rarely get to use it to do my own thing.  When I'm there I tend to be teaching others so my personal bits tend to get done at home.

Since moving I have been lucky to acquire a nice big conservatory so once the kids are in bed I can set up and stitch to my hearts content.

I bought a fabulous sewing table with inbuilt singer from the second hand pages on facebook.  Iris was a lovely blue machine and she sewed like a dream, but sadly her gears have since given up the ghost and she remains under the table waiting to be fixed.

In the meantime I am using my grandmothers old machine which we have had serviced.  Phyllis is not quite as pretty as Iris but she still sews really nicely.  There is a lot to be said for todays modern machines which would make tea if you gave them half the chance, but I still prefer to use a good vintage machine any day.  They were built to last and I would say (touch wood) they very rarely jam up or eat your work like the modern machines do.

Pressing gets done on the table on a little mini IKEA ironing board and works of progress get hung up on the lounge door.

I expect this little set up is pretty similar to most of you!

I'd love to see your sewing spaces, share your little bit of sewing pleasure on your own blog or share some pictures with me and I will do a round up in a few weeks time.

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