Sunday 10 August 2014

The Care Bears meet Alice in Wonderland

So this Sunday was Mrs Chickens* birthday and in true Alice in Wonderland fan style she had another fabulous mad hatters tea party/picnic on the village green.  I had just finished my Care Bear dress made using a vintage curtain I picked up on Ebay so I popped on a petticoat and grabbed a wide pink belt and I was good to go.

Oh look! Another Emery................

I do love this pattern, it fits so nicely and is so easy to make.  I'm not alone in loving it.  Check out this amazing blogger Sarah from A Million Dresses, she is on her 60th emery make this year alone! 

I did cut out the sleeves for this dress but when I was about to put them in I realised just how summery this frock was and cracked out the biased binding instead for a concealed spot of raw edge coverage. The emery is not designed to be a sleeveless dress, but I like how the 5/8 seam allowance left on the shoulders makes for a kind of capped look.

Seriously un-classy shot of me here but I may have almost finished the bottle at this point!

I wasnt the only one sporting a fancy new frock at the picnic.  The lovely Mr Frog* (Natashas hubby) had commissioned me to make her a fabulous dress in this amazing Alice/bookshop fabric from Frumbly.  I had been itching to make Tash a dress for weeks, so was only too happy to oblidge.

As always working with super expensive fabric is scary, so I played it safe with yet another Emery.  I wanted the dress to be something she cold wear day to day and not just on special occasions and it fitted beautifully.  I cut a straight 10 as Tash has a great figure and made a matching clasp bag too.

You cant see inside but there is a hot pink zip and electric purple lining for added fun.

Laurie even popped along to join in the fun late in the afternoon and was sporting her lovely floral number which I also made.  A whole flock of fabulous frocks!

* Mrs Chicken & Mr Frog own the wonderful Chicken and Frog Childrens book shop on Ongar Road.  Do pop in and say hi when your passing even if your not a child and looking to buy a book!

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