Monday 4 August 2014

Continuous Professional Development. aka having fun with wacky frocks!

So the time has come for me to learn a little more about dressmaking.  I think I can safely say I can follow a pattern now and create something that fits me, but I had no idea how to re-size something that once was.

Elspeth and I decided to spend a couple of hours with the lovely Sarah.  (BTHQ's expert on hand).  We picked this vintage pattern which looked fairly simple and was supposed to be a size 14.

Looking at the measurements on the packet though it was clearly more like a modern day 10 so it was time to make it bigger.

We split each pattern piece down the middle and added a good 2.5 inches, re-drawing the armholes an adjusting the neck accordingly.

We then made a toile of the bodice to check the fit before playing with a pair of mad printed curtains I'd picked up the following week from a bootsale.

I'm off to a 60's fancy dress party in a few weeks time so the plan was to make this frock as a wearable toile, but once it was finished we both decided we rather like it and we would both happily wear it day to day.

 We are the same size so had originally said we would share our 'costume' but now it looks like I might have to part with my 2nd curtain so Elspeth can make another one so we can have one each!

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