Monday 19 May 2014

Did I Keep My New Years Resolutions?

Looking back on my new years resolution blog I wrote at the end of December, I think it is about time I ‘tick’ off what I have achieved since we’re almost hitting the middle of 2014 already!

Finally finish my Granny Challenge blanket.
If you follow my blog, I did indeed complete the challenge and I’m more than impressed on how it turned out! You can read more here.

Open the bag containing the box full of unfinished bits and bobs hidden under my desk at work and get it all finished.

Sell off all my old stock to make way for new making.
I think I can tick this off, as I have sold about half so not too bad. I have the rest of the year to complete!

Class plan at least 3 months in advance and start Christmas plans a lot earlier than 2013.
Tick! If you take a look at the full class list on my website, I have class planned into the early days of January 2015! So that’s more in advance than I had originally planned. You can view the class list here.

Make more clothes for me and improve my dress making skills.
Tick. I have been making a few dresses that I have been really pleased with this year. If you follow my blog,  you might have seen some of my recent dress making in this post. I have also put a couple of dressmaking classes on, as I’m more than confident about teaching the dresses I have recently made. 

Make a start on next years Christmas presents a lot sooner than December!
Not at all. I just hope I don’t get to December and realise I haven’t made one Christmas present!

Make as many as possible of my birthday cards for friends and family in 2014.

I haven’t made any unfortunately. But I can use the excuse of being extra busy teaching at Beautiful Things!

All in all I think I have done quite well, and since I have moved house I have a lot of things I have bought to BTHQ that need sorting out too! So i'm adding that to my list.

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