Saturday 11 May 2013

Granny Square Challenge - Week 6

Well here we are at the end of week 6 and haven't we all done well?

I finished off the last 3 colour ways that you saw me starting last week and then made a start on joining.

It took me ages to work out a pattern, but if you look closely you can see one.

I split my 28 colour ways in to 2 groups of 14 and made reversing rows until I had a pattern I was happy with.

Then I piled up each row and popped a number on it and stored them carefully in a box.  Now I am joining 1 row at a time and then joining that row to the blanket.  I'm 4 rows in so far so a quarter of the way there.

I have every intention of running a few rows of granny stripe round this block and then I think I might even add a few more squares as an edging but we will see.  Fear not although our 6 week kick starter is now over, I am well and truly on my way to the double bed sized blanket I want. and I will keep you posted on my progress.

Here's how some of our other challengers have got on

Firstly our bloggers:

Now for some photos:

Donna has made 66 squares and is carrying on to make a blanket

Helen has started adding rounds of granny stripe and is making more squares to add an edging

Wendy has finished her edging on her central panel and is carrying on with more squares to edge
 I hope you've enjoyed following our progress and perhaps we have inspired you to make your own granny challenge.  If you would like to learn how to crochet we have classes on a regular basis at Beautiful Things HQ.  You can find out all about them here

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