Friday 22 February 2013

What is a 'Guided Crochet Session'

I have taught a lot of people to crochet and one of the things they all say to me is "I'd love to learn how to read a pattern".  Those of my pupils who already know how to crochet tend to say "It's no good I get stuck, pattens can be so confusing".

So I developed 'Guided Crochet Sessions'. Slightly cheaper than a class as there is no tuition involved, each session allows you to work through a pattern, step by step with my help and advice and all materials and a pattern are included in the cost.  

Most pupils crack it first time and all they needed was a bit of a confidence boost.  Last week a small group of us followed Lucy from Attic24's Layered flower pattern and everybody stumbled at some point over a tricky part.  Between us we shared our skills knowledge and experience and we all got there in the end.

These sessions are fabulous for anyone who already knows how to crochet or as an advancement after completing my beginners course.

We have a few coming up in the next couple of months including:

Granny stripe jar covers

Ripple blankets


Granny Stripe

Granny Squares

and even a super dooper wreath (another Attic24 creation)
Why not come along and join us and boost your crochet confidence.  Even if you have the know how these sessions are a lot of fun and extremely sociable occasions with lots of tea and laughter!

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