Sunday 30 December 2012

A New Year. Time for a New You?

I always start to feel refreshed at this time every year.  The madness of Christmas has passed, the kids are off school and we are all a little more chilled out.  Theres plenty of chocolate and nice things in the cupboard to eat and the tellys pretty good too.

Along with generally chilling out, I start to plan my New Year.  The thought of putting away the Christmas decorations and getting back on track with my house and business is something for me to look forward to.

I'm always pretty motivated at this time of year, but having run full steam ahead into 'operation New Year' on numerous occasions, this time I'm starting slowly.  I've started making lists, jotting down ideas for new classes, products, advertising campaigns and work stuff and set my self a simple task when it comes to the house, of getting it clean, tidy and sorted and keeping it that way.  No deadlines or unreasonable targets in place at all.  

So if you too want to join me in 'getting sorted' this year but are prepared to start slow, why not get started by doing some Ten Minute Tasks.  I love these as a way of easing into organisation.

Good luck and Happy New Year

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  1. By hook or by crook, I hope to be the first to comment on new years Blog. Ten minute Tasks are great.Do keep following the Blog and see what Claire suggests. She has bought me a great book, called Express housekeeping. Full of tips to keep the jobs under control