Monday 20 August 2012

Handmade Monday - A tutorial yoga eye pillow

Here's a simple little tutorial for all you yoga fans.  After a workout during the relaxation session it can be really nice to use a cooling eye pillow.  These little beauties are filled with wheat, but you can use rice, lentils or any othe kind of grain or pulse you have to hand.

Simply pop them in a waterproof zip lock bag (or the damp will make them mouldy) and then chill down in the freezer for a while before taking it to your class.  You can keep it cool in a cool bag whilst you work out if you like and take it out of it's zip lock bag when your ready to relax.

Take a piece of fabric measuring 18" x 5".  I used a piece of pillow case to make my pillow

Fold your fabric in half right sides together and pin in place

Using the edge of your presser foot as a guide stitch down the two long sides using a backward stitch at the top and bottom to secure your stitches.

Turn in the right way and poke out your corners with a chop stick.  Fill with wheat or any pulse or grain of your choice.

Fill your bag up only half way.  This will allow for the filling to spread evenly over your eyes when the bag is flattened out.

 Add a tablespoon of dried lavender or chamomile.

Fold your open edge in by 1cm and pinch closed.

Pin and stitch closed on your machine using the small hole inside your preser foot as a guideline.  Ensure you sew backwards for a few stitches at each end of the row to secure your stitching.  You can pop a handmade by label in at this point if you use them.

I hope you like this tutorial, they really are very simple.  You can make longer and fatter ones of these as heat packs which you can warm in the microwave if you suffer with aches and pains too.

How about making some as presents for your friends for Christmas?  I'd love to see what you come up with, please share links to any makes in the comments below.

And finally...........If you would like the chance to win this little pillow then I'm going to run a little competition.  You will get 1 entry into the draw for each ofht the following that you complete:

1) Like my facebook page

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3) Follow me on Twitter @clairemackaness AND Tweet - I'm in the draw to win a yoga eyemask by @clairemackaness you can win too

Let me know how many entries your owed in the comments below and I will pick a winner on Friday at 6pm

Good Luck



  1. You really do make this look easy. Think I'll try it on my newly borrowed sewing machine.

  2. It really is. 3 straight lines and your done!

  3. A nice idea for literally chilling out! Love your heart pins!

  4. A lovely idea and a great tutorial. Take care when heating as they have been known to smoulder after repeated microwaving and cause fires (don't ever go to bed with one or let a child go to bed with one) - the advice comes from the fire service.

  5. This is a great idea, I don't do yoga but I could probably find a use to these chilling bags. Thanks!

  6. I really like this idea. I love the fabric choice and the use of dried herbs would make it really relaxing. I am very tempted. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It's a great idea,love the fabric you've used.I already follow you on Twitter so I'm off to tweet about it!

  8. Lovely idea. I'm sure my mum would love one of those.

  9. I've made a few of these in my time and this is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing

  10. Oh, I have been wanting to make one of these for forever! I had one that got bugs, but I think the lavender would help with that! (I think it was also filled with corn husks or something, which I'm sure attract those bugs). Thank you for the tutorial!

  11. Hi Claire - this is so pretty! I have added a link from my blog encouraging my students to have go and fingers crossed I'll make one or two myself this weekend - happy days!