Friday 17 August 2012

Busy Bee is me

Wow how time flies when you don't blog in a while!  I have an excuse, honest miss.

It's the SUMMER HOLIDAYS.............

I know, I know I am a working Mum, I should be able to adapt and juggle my workload.  Pah! Tell me how and I'll salute you, it's madness.

I have to admit I have a massive blog roll and most evenings I sit down to read at least 20-30 blogs that have been posted over the last 24 hours.  But I have noticed that in the past few weeks there's only been half a dozen or so to read each day.  Looks like I'm not the only one in the 'not finding time' gang.

So what have I been up too?

Thankfully I have been very lucky to secure some contracts over the holidays from the wonderful Brentwood Borough Council and our Schools Extended Services team to run a series of workshops for the kids this summer.

3 of these have (or are due to in the case of next weeks) taken place in an amazing venue which was hired for us by the council.  Check out this inflatable dome!!

Natasha and I have run 2 sessions in here so far with another to follow next Friday.  We made Olympic torches and headbands on our first session and then rubbish monsters for our second.

 Following those we had an amazing smaller session where we read stories, created characters and made puppets with 2 groups at Sawyers Hall school.  You can check out Natashas blog about that one right HERE.

 Last but not least I taught 12 teenagers how to decorate their own jute bags.  It was fluffy flowers and diamonds a go go with that one to the point the diamant√©s needed rationing before they all started customising their shoes!

So the holidays are nearly over now, only 2 more weeks to go and during that time I'm planning on a bit of website catch up, de-cluttering and back to school organising. I promise I'll try and blog as I go..................

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