Friday 22 June 2012

My week - How did it go?

Hello, well as promised I'm back to let you know how I got on with my week of being super organised and efficient and here I am.  The fact I am here, (all be it written at 11.18pm on Friday night) must say something in itself!

For those of you who missed it, last week I blogged about time management and how I was failing miserably.  I had a plan of action to stick to and stick to it I did!

So here goes:

Saturday I went to a wedding, glammed up (with a speedily knocked up fascinator made at 10pm the night before) and drank far too much, danced loads and had a thoroughly good time with my friends. [TICK SAT TASK ACCOMPLISHED]

Sunday I woke up at 9.30am (slight headache but not too bad due to copious amount of water drunk whilst drinking and an ibruprofen or two before bed).  I made a coffee and sat in bed with my iphone checking my e-mail and Twitter/Facebook.  Mr Mack was at work and the kids were not due to be brought back by the grandparents till 3pm heaven I hear you say, cue: ACTION STATIONS: A quick nip into town for some food shopping (BBQ planned with the parents that evening), last minute fathers day gifts and a quick visit to French Quarter.  My favourite shop in Crown Street for a Pip Studios notebook.  Far too lavish really but I could not resist!  I came home, had lunch and then spent 4 hours cleaning and tidying till my house shone as planned.  I even invented a new tidying method 'the re-homing basket' which I shall blog about another day. [TICK SUN TASK ACCOMPLISHED]

Monday was an admin day.  Mr Mack was at work 8-6 and so my morning commenced as I hope it shall every day (this is standard routine from now on).  Both kids up, dressed and fed regardless of whether Mr mack is home or not (He works shifts). Walk to school, come home, Little Miss Mack and I share some toast while I have my coffee and check e-mails etc then I wash up and have a general tidy up, hang washing out etc (I try to wash the night before or at least while I'm on the school run) until 10am ish when Little Miss goes for a 2 hour nap.  At this point I'd usually hit the studio or go out with her if I am out and about but today I sat down and did the tasks that needed absolute peace and quiet.  I did my tax credit renewal, paid bills, entered accounts, updated websites etc.  She woke about midday, we had lunch together and then she was happy to play on her mat next to me watching telly whilst I did some more admin until we had to pick up Little Mack (slightly later than usual as he had a play date after school) then I was back to being mummy again.  I had a One-2-One class booked that evening but it cancelled so I eat chocolate and watched TV! [TICK MON TASK ACCOMPLISHED]

Tue was a day off with a spot of shopping for materials which is always fun and I never class it as work!  The day started as per our regular routine and at 10am when Little Miss was ready for a nap we headed off to Chelmsford. We spent all day wandering round town (Little Miss had her nap in the car and buggy), buying stock and birthday presents for friends and then it was time to come home and pick up Little Mack.  There was a few things we hadn't managed to buy in Chelmsford and Little Miss was a bit wingey as she was feeling under the weather with a virus so I decided to walk up the town after school.  We visited the toy shop (a.k.a charity shop) and purchased some new trains much to Little Macks delight, had a haircut and posted packages.  [TICK TUE TASKS ACCOMPLISHED AND SOME]! I even got out on Wednesday night to my WI meeting and won the photo competition with this calender girls style piccy!

Wed & Thur I had childcare.  I made, made and made some more.  Wednesday was cushion seat pads and Thursday was teacher gifts.  I was fortunate enough to have childcare in the form of Mum a.k.a. my Studio Support Technician on Thursday so that meant when Little Miss slept I had some help in cutting and packaging up. Mum stayed on into the evening and sorted out all my scrap fabric for me too! [TICK WED & THUR TASKS ACCOMPLISHED]

Friday I had no plans so I had a sort of day off.  I spent the morning making awards for our Brentwood Tweetup award ceremony with my friend Nici (more on that another day) and then went for lunch with a friend and met her teeny tiny new baby.  Picked up Little Mack, went to his swimming class, took Little Miss Mack to the Dr (we have an ear infection, no wonder we have had sleepless nights and a week long temperature - yes ok I admit it I AM SUPERWOMAN) and then went food shopping.  Tonight, after I cleaned up copious amounts of vomit and finally got the kids to bed ON TIME! I sat down to do admin. [TICK FRI TASKS ACCOMPLISHED]

So this just goes to show that when you have a plan in mind and stick to it you can achieve loads!  My house is still clean and tidy thanks to that hour in the morning each day and tidying up before bed, I am up to date on all my work and only actually worked for the equivalent of 3 days and 2 evenings, one of which was a pleasant crafty night spent with my mum!

I'm planning a friends and family weekend a Mr Mack is home but I might squeeze in a couple of making hours here and there we'll see.

So, lets see how next week goes................I have the in-laws staying which could go one of two ways: Lots of childcare so work opportunities can be grabbed or, I might get sucked into lunches and shopping trips (oh how terrible)!  Either way I don't mind I am up to date on all my admin and as long as I have at least 3 days to work I will complete all my orders for the week. Watch this space..............


  1. Well Done!! I find the evening tidy up just makes you feel better when you go in in the morning as well. I have managed to prep loads of cushions, lavender bags, note books and cardds and peg dollie kits for my craft Fair tomorrow and today and finalising everything - normally that is the am of the day!! So we are doing well ;-)

  2. Congratulations!! Really inspiring.