Monday 25 June 2012

Handmade Monday - Tools of the trade

 Well I have already told you what I've been up to this week as I blogged all about it as promised back on Friday post.

So I though I would write a little post about finishing off.

Those of you who sew will agree that raw edges are nasty little things.  What do you do with them?

Roll your edges or turn all your seams (fiddly and time consuming)
Pinking shear them (perfect for a home made item but not particularly professional if your selling your items).
Zig Zag stitch (I have never mastered this)



I love my overlocker, it was the best thing I ever bought.  It cost just over £200 but it has more than paid for itself, allowing me to make cushions and clothing with a really professional feel.

I know it can do lots more than simply cutting and binding my edges and I'd love to learn more.  I have googled but cant find a class or tutor in Essex who can give me some One-2-One tuition, but if you know of someone please let me know.


  1. my machine has several that look good i bought an overlocker once not very expensive but never used it i think it was because it needed so many reels of cotton i just stuck with my sewing machine xxx

  2. Good luck with finding an overlock tutor! I used to have one when I made children's clothes but that's all I did with mine too. The key to zigzag is widening and shortening the stitch, and cutting it after stitching - not that you need that advice now with your overlocker! x

  3. I agree it does look so much more professional using an overlocker. My daughter has one, but I've never got around to using it perhaps I should!

  4. Oooh are they my cushions? If so, thanks for the sneaky peek, they look lovely! Sorry I can't help with the overlocking info, but I couldn't resist leaving a comment, Judith xx

  5. Hi Claire, I've often wondered how useful overlockers are. It certainly sounds like their worth their money. Ali x

  6. This looks like a very useful bit of kit!

  7. The machine I use is 30 years old, I tend to zig zag the edges but I agree that an overlocker looks so much more professional.

    Jan x