Tuesday 3 April 2012

A Tuesday Tip

 I have decided to run some regular features on my blog and I wanted to start with my Tuesday tip.  Today's tip is a new one I have recently started and I admit to pinching the idea from 'A Thrifty Mrs' whose blog I follow.

Being a busy working Mum of 2 I seem to have a never ending stream of washing.  Now the warmer weather is here it is so nice to be able to get it all out on the line.

The sun comes into my garden early in the morning so I have taken Thrifty Mrs's idea of loading the washing machine at night before I go to bed.

When I switch on the kettle 1st thing in the morning I also switch on my machine.  By the time I am back from the school run the washing has finished, it can go out on the line and I can start my day of work knowing that the jobs been done and by lunchtime it will be dry.

Those of you with timers on your machines can be even more environmentally friendly and economical by running your machine overnight to save on power and subsequently money.

Try it for a week, I bet you wont go back to midday washing ever again!


  1. I don't have a timer on my washing machine but often switch on before I go to bed so that it's done and ready to dry in the morning. Not aware that it's any more environmentally friendly though, still costs the same .... I think? would be happy to be proved wrong on this.

    Lynn x

  2. I fortunately have what they call a delay button. I can load the machine and ask it to come on in say 5 or 6 hours time. If I were to put mine on when I went to bed, it is rather noisy. So I sometimes let it come on so it finishes the wash just in time to take out and put the next load in.

    I think you only save money by running it at night if you are on a special tarrif for your electricity. It used to be called a white meter.