Sunday 1 April 2012

Bootsale Bargains

I was up at the crack of dawn today, red spotty trolley at the ready to mooch the booty.  I love nothing more than a good couple of hours on my own on a Sunday morning, rummaging through boxes and haggling with the best of them.

Today was the first bootsale I have been to this year.  Although they started up a few weeks back I tend to find the early season ones just have a lot of dealers and not so many 'genuine' sellers.

Hopefully Mr Mack will get some good shifts this year so I get most Sunday mornings to myself.  It's not something I like to take the kids too as my bootsale of choice is HUUUUUGE and I always worry I'll loose them.

I took lots of pictures whilst I was there and am planning a post at some point in the next week or so about buying at bootsales.  Mum and I will be selling next weekend so I'll also do one on that too.

Do you want to see what I bought?

A great selection of vintage and costume brooches.  I have plans for these but you'll have to wait and see what I do with them!

This lovely duck wanted to come home for Little Miss Mack


Clip board, DS Game for Little Mack, brand new Mothercare rain coat for Little Miss Mack and a Brand New NEXT cardi for me (Priced at £28) for only £2!!

Plus a super bit of vintage fabric (my table cloth) and a lovely embroidered tray cloth.

What a great stash.

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