Tuesday 20 March 2012

A spot of shopping

Today I had the pleasure of going shopping..........for work!  How cool is that?

 I was delighted to win some of the Brentwood Share Fund to enable me to run the Brentwood Bag Project earlier this month and will be teaching 10 groups of local people how to make re-usable shopping bags.

Each group will be awarded a John Lewis Mini sewing machine to make their bags on so I had to go and do some shopping.

I couldn't resist a wander through the haberdashery department.  I buy most of my items from wholesalers to keep my costs low, so it's rare I ever purchase materials from a store like this, but I do like to stroke all the lovely fabric and sewing boxes.  I just might treat myself to one at some point.

I'd already pre ordered the machines in order to ensure a nice range of colours so a trip to the Click & Collect area was in order after our little wander round haberdashery.

Our nearest John Lewis is at Bluewater in Kent and just recently a Cath Kidston store opened up right next door.  Knowing what a huge fan I am of Cath it would have been rude not to pop in for a visit.

My partner in crime and official 'Social Media Manager' for the Brentwood Bag Project, Laurie of Local by Social Ltd came with me.  

Also a huge Cath fan, she had to have a little pose outside the shop.  I love how she's sporting a Claire Mackaness brooch in the latest nautical colours.

I did have to laugh when I was in John Lewis though.  Being one of the largest retailers to stock Cath Kidston products they were obviously feeling a bit like they had received a slap in the face now that the store had opened right next door and had set up a HUGE display of all of their Cath products right in the entrance way that leads out to the Cath Kidston shop!

I couldn't resist a little pose with all this lovely sewing paraphernalia including a beautiful bubblegum pink John Lewis Mini.

I did treat myself to a couple of Cath bits (from the actual store) including a new mug and a metre of lovely oilcloth to cover my rather old family heirloom table in the lounge.  

I shall enjoy sitting here now and doing my hand sewing with a steaming coffee in my new mug!

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  1. Haha love Kidston .... step away from the doors, Claire! xxx