Thursday 23 February 2012

Cubby kit

Just as the evils of half term passed us by, Little Mack was struck down with a tummy bug and ended up stuck at home with Mummy.  Feeling better and thoroughly bored I produced a Cubby Kit.

Cubby Kit had kindly sent me one of their fun packed boxes of crafty goodness during half term and asked me if I'd be kind enough to review it for them, but Little Mack had been otherwise engaged having sleep overs with Grandma & Grandpa to know anything about it.  I'd popped it away for a rainy day, but actually today was perfect (and a balmy 18 with brilliant sunshine too).

My first thought on receiving this item was how cool the box looked.  A treasure chest style and addressed to Tom which was even more personal.  Cubby Kit had sent us the age 3-4 box as my son is not quite 5 yet and they thought it would be more appropriate.

Inside are not 3 activities.  Make a space picture, constellation chart and a playdough martian.

Not wanting to go for anything too complicated or messy we decided to start with the space rocket picture.  The activity comes with everything you need for your project in a paper bag including a pot of glue, scissors and all the bits and bobs.  I was impressed that the kit included scissors, but sadly I think they were left handed ones as Mummy's cutting left a lot to be desired and I resorted to my own.

The instructions were easy enough to follow and Tom enjoyed making his picture.  I think we could of done with more than 6 stick on stars to cover a big sheet of black card, but thankfully being a bit crafty I had a few more in my stash I was willing to share.

Overall I was impressed with the box and I look forward to trying out the other activities with Little Mack another day.  I think this would be a great present for a child or to keep at Grandmas House as everything you need comes in the box.

Cubby Kit is sold as a subscription service at £19.99 a month or £199.00 for 12 months (you get 2 free), but if I am honest I don't think it's something I would want to subscribe to.  As an occasional treat or a special occasion its a great idea.  Perhaps if the packaging came down in size and the print costs were reduced by using paper instead of lovely card for the instructions Cubby Kit might be able to bring the price down a bit and then I could be tempted.

Check it out though, see what you think.  We had a lot of fun as this video of Little Mack will show you.  he cant wait for more!

 I was not paid to write this review, only offered a free product in return for my personal thoughts.


  1. AWWWW glad he like making too :)

  2. The rocket picture looks amazing and he looks so proud. I suppose if you buy 3 kits on the high street, they'd be about £10 each, wouldn't they? I saw something local today for £11 for a couple of bits of felt. Is delivery extra or free?

  3. This looks really fun. What a great idea. I'm sure Mark was really excited to open the box since you say it almost resembles a treasure chest!