Wednesday 16 November 2011

WIPS - how many do you have?

WIPS a.k.a. Works in Progress

My knitting and crochet basket (WIPs in bags)

I am a terror for these, no matter how hard I try I cannot resist the urge to buy materials with projects in mind and rather than finishing one project before I start another I just have to start them.

Arm and Hand Warmers in various states of unfinished!

Just a few rows I tell myself and then I'll finish what I was doing before, but I don't. Well the times are changing YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!

Recycled T-Shirt necklaces (yes honestly)

Here are my current knitting, crochet and hand sewing WIPS and I am not going to start any new ones until I have finished what you see here.

This WIP is left over from last year in an attempt to re-create and Accesorize product!

I thought blogging about it might help me be disciplined, feel free to share your own WIPS and join me in the 'Get it Finished Challenge'

Then there is this lot waiting to be turned into things of beauty!

Not only do I have WIPs but I have this lovely book to try out. I've waited a month for it to come from the library and I cant renew it as someone else is waiting for it. I borrowed it to see if it was worth buying, but until I've tried a few projects I wont know!!

Share your blog links here if your joining me on my 'Get it Finished Challenge'

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