Wednesday 19 October 2011

Posh Poppy info - Where does your money go?

I am touched by the response I have got from my 'Posh Poppy' promotion for the Royal British Legion over the past week and am rapidly trying to increase my stocks so that you can all get your orders in on time for this worthy cause.

It was always my intention to do something for the Royal British Legion that brought a little more to their cause than would be raised by buying a single paper poppy. However I have had one or two comments relating to the support of the ex servicemen who make the standard paper poppies as an income stream. I appreciate they do not want to live on charity alone and need the income they bring in from production to support themselves and their families and so by creating a poppy 'alternative' I could be seen to be working against the idea of the poppy appeal.

Therefore I have decided that with the donation I make to the cause (£1.50 all profits from the sale) I will purchase 1 poppy and donate the additional 50p to the cause. Once I have completed my fundraising on the 12th November I will use all of my paper poppies to create a wreath which will be laid on my local war memorial on rememberance sunday 13th November and will of course be blogging the whole process for you all to see.


  1. Thats a great idea, will be following your progress in your blog. Love the things that you make.


  2. These are gorgeous! So glad you are up for a 'She says, He says' interview- Mummy Cool

  3. Well done, Claire.

    Many of us in Essex lost ancestors in WWI (myself included) and know the effect this had before any assistance was afforded from the government.

    I heard, only recently, that my cousin's (twice removed) father - in WWII - was torpedoed twice and, each time, was missing. What I didn't realise was that, in these circumstances, his pay was stopped and her mother had to go out to work. Evidently, until found, he was presumed dead / absent without leave. Very harsh treatment for a family not knowing the outcome of their flesh and blood.

    Knowing people today who have served recently and currently, their families are still considered secondary to the their job. In fact, one of my friends', Charlene Byrne's fiance was killed in Afghanistan last year. Charlene is from Chelmsford and she has set up a registered charity, THE SCOTT HARDY FOUNDATION, to help local soldier's next of kin with funeral arrangements. I'm sure she would welcome the opportunity to focus your fund-raising efforts.

    It is IMPERATIVE that the Poppy Appeal is not under-minded in anyway because it is ONE / TWO weeks a year focussing on ONE day's mourning to raise the profile of the issues still happening today. If you look at the statistics of money needed to deal with the ongoing casualties (four times as many as those dying)the Royal Britsh Legion have a huge task to raise the necessary funds in the years ahead. It is ESSENTIAL that ALL possible PROFITS go to the cause.

    I have a City and Guilds in Design for Fashion so fully understand the public's desire to look pretty / smart; but this, for me, is one occassion when the paper Poppy should be purchased whatever and any surplus monies put in the tin. I would ask your ladies to buy a paper Poppy and wear it proudly alongside your beautiful creations because, as you say, the message is not to outshine the cause but to enhance and support it.

    As one of my friends' said recently, "Wear last years until this years are available, then give last years to someone else until they get the message to repeat the exercise." In this instance, your poppies are a welcome reminder that the poppies are for sale.

    Karen Harvey