Monday 13 June 2011

Handmade Monday

Well yet again Monday has rolled round far faster than expected. For some reason though these Mondays keep coming yet I don't feel any closer to getting this baby out! There is no bump shot this week I am afraid, a) I have been far too busy and b) By Sunday when it is usually taken I was feeling so pooped I spent the day in leggings and a baggy T-shirt without a scrap of make up on my face, so you can forget looking at a picture of me like that!

So what have I been up to? Monday started with a quick catch up on a few custom orders. Hair bobbles for Anne and some lavender bags for Janine.

Then it was on to operation 'Stock'. I had a small summer fete coming up on the Saturday and I also have Leigh Vintage and Handmade Fair on the 25th June which is a big event so I had a serious need for stock.

I had closed to custom orders on my facebook page, but as I don't like to post nothing on there, I was a bit of a tease and opened a stock photo album for people to view, just to keep up with what I was making. Nothing was available to purchase but it kept the customers interested and up to date. One day I will find a way to balance those custom orders and still keep my stock levels up.

I cant possibly show you everything I have made on here so I'll post one of each item and then you can view them all in the album for yourself on my Facebook page. Just click HERE TO VIEW.

First up was a few more brooches.

Some elasticated headbands

Giant flower clips

Dribble bibs

Zipper pouches


And Bobbles

Next came the task of working out how to display all this new stock, so I spent Friday night playing around with baskets in my hall! You can read all about the preparation for this craft fair in the blog post I did earlier on the week called Preparation. (Somehow I have also managed to blog 3 times this week which is also a miracle)!

All that hard work was worth it. The stall looked really nice in the end.

There was no stopping me though. Saturday night Mr Mack went to the cinema so I popped back to the studio to get the last of my custom orders finished.

A taggy and a table runner.

Yesterday was a day of relaxation, although I confess to stitching a couple of brooches whilst I sat and watched Little Mack run around the soft play centre!

This week is about getting my house in order for the new arrival and doing some 'me' stuff. First off lunch with my old work colleagues. Although you know me, I am sure I will have some more lovelies to show you come next Monday.

p.s. I have a SALE on at the moment on my Facebook page. Grab some of the soon to be discontinued and one off items I discovered in my stock boxes whilst I was preparing for the show. CLICK HERE to view the items.


  1. Fab stuff, and your stall looked lovely. Good luck for the upcoming one!

    Thank you for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  2. Your stall looks lovely and I can't believe how busy you have been and still found time to blog THREE times this week!!

    I only managed one post in the past two weeks! (Goes and hangs head in shame...)

    Enjoy your 'me time' this week!

    Ali x

  3. Enjoyed your post and looking at all your work - especially love the flowers you make! Nancy

  4. My, you've been busy, I love your work and have enjoyed looking at your albums.

    Jan x

  5. The stall and your display looks good, loved the journey

  6. Your stuff is so beautiful. And your stall looks fantastic. The flower work is amazing, especially the hair bands!

  7. Your stuff is lovely, I especially like the personalised taggie. I didn't have one for my daughter but your picture makes me think I might get one for the daughter I'm cooking :)

  8. your stall looks lush hope the day went well for you I had a look at your facebook page tooo very nicely laid out enjoy your lunch with your friends xxx

  9. Love the dribble bib and taggy. I was given a couple of dribble bibs for my youngest recently - love them!

  10. sounds like you've been very busy.

  11. Not exhibiting at the June Fair, but will pop along and say a big hello!

  12. You stay so busy! I can't believe how much you get done, it makes me want to take a nap! Such wonderful things. :)

  13. A great range of goodies. Lavendar bags look lovely and your hair bobbles ... in fact, it all looks nice laid out on your stall.

  14. Your stuff is gorgeous I love the hair bobbles. You have been so busy I hope you do have some me time to relax.

  15. Love those dribble bibs. Don't know where you find the time to make it all. Hugs Mrs A.