Sunday 20 March 2011

Sunday morning bootsale bargains

Welcome to another year of bootsales!!!! This morning saw my first trip to the local booty, oh how I have missed my Sunday morning mooches.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount for what i like to call 'genuine bootsalers' this morning. Normally at this time of year it is mainly traders and dealers and there is never many bargains to be had, but I did well.

A huge lack of anything crafty or any vintage treasures, but the soon to be new addition to our family has done rather well for herself.

Overall I spent £12.25 and look what I managed to buy

  • Bab Gap tunic top (as new) 50p
  • Floral dress NEXT 50p
  • Tommee tippee food saver pots 50p (retail £3 a set)
  • Fisher Price bottle travel warmer £3.00 (retail price £10)
  • Orchard Crazy Chefs game(NEW) 50p (ebay price £7-£11)
  • Baby red UGG boots 50p
  • Brand new Debenhams V Pillow £5.00 (retail £22)
  • Brand new sleepsuits from NEXT 25p each
Due to other commitments I don't think I will get to mooch again for a couple of weeks, but hopefully once the sun comes out in April the vintage treasures and crafty finds will start to crawl back out of the woodwork again.

I'll be back soon with more Sunday morning bootsale bargains


  1. I have missed carboots. Got some good hauls there! When I was pregnant I wasn't in to the whole second hand, vintage or crafty thing. I can't wait to have another baby to get them all sorts of lovely unique things.
    Is it a girl then?? Congratulations! xx

  2. Blimey Claire, thats a fantastic haul!! xx