Sunday 31 October 2010

Welcome to the world Baby Nathan

Well you know how I am for blogging everything I make. Well sometimes I just have to hold back and I can tell you it's been very frustrating.

Back in March our very good friends Claire and Andy Fish announced they were expecting their first child and when I finally learnt it was to be a boy at 22 weeks I started making!

Finally after going 2 weeks overdue and a really stressful labour (Claire you deserve a medal) Baby Nathan John Fish was born on the morning of Saturday 30th October 2010.

I was lucky enough to get to visit the proud parents in hospital last night and got one for the first cuddles and it was truly an honour to hold such a sweet, delicious little bundle of joy. Never mind how ridiculously broody it's now made me!

One of the highlights though was to let Claire and Andy finally open the gifts I had been preparing in my little studio.

The first thing I made them was some bunting to match their nursery.

closely followed by a fishy themed play mat in it's very own carry bag to take from place to place with them.

(I seem to have lost the picture I took of the playmat itself so will have to take another one on my next visit - Any excuse)

Finally I gave Claire a little something for her, after all she was the one who had carried him around for 9 months and endured the pain of delivery! A Yummy Mummy basket containing, sleep enhancing teabags, a Cath Kidston mug, baby bottle of fizz, some choccies, bathbombs, book of quotes, Mum & Baby organic balm, CK tissue holder and a wheat bag made by myself and full of chamomile and Lavender to help her sleep or ease those post natal aches and pains.

To top it all off it was given with a beautifully created card by Storeyshop that was ordered, made and arrived within 3 days!! Fab service and a wonderfully personal card.

So.............welcome to the world baby fish, we are so pleased that you arrived safely and cant wait to get to know you better.


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  1. Those are lovely, thoughtful gifts Claire. Your friends are very lucky. :)