Sunday 12 September 2010

No time to blog

I know how important it is to blog, but I do find it a bit catch 22. If you blog lots you get lots of orders so you get too busy to blog, but you need to blog because once you have finished those orders you need to get more! how do you juggle your blogging/making time fellow crafters? I'd be interested to know.

Recently I have been finding I have been getting lots of custom orders from my facebook page which is great considering how the page is totally free to set up and manage. I wonder how much longer that will be the case, before they start to charge?

The only thing I am finding really annying is the fact that unlike your personal profile, Facebook wont notify you if someone comments on one of your photos. I've now discovered quite a few missed sale opportunities amongst my photo albums. Hopefully I am not the only one to find it frustrating and soon they might start doing something about it.

Anyway, enough rambling. Do you want to see what I have been making?

These yummy pom pom scarfs. They come in so many different colours that I cant seem to stop knitting them. You can view all the colours on my facebook page HERE

This is me wearing my first attempt at one. I admit to getting a bit frustrated with it tangling and made a few booboos so I am keeping this one for me!

Since posting this picture on my fanpage though I have not been able to keep up. No sooner do I show a sneeky peek of the next colour and it's sold before it comes off the needles!

Here is a good customer of mine Laurie modelling her scarf when she came to collect it last week. Whilst she was here she visited the studio and picked out some fabric so I could make her a co-ordinating brooch. What do you think of the finished item?

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  1. Hey Claire, I had the same prob with almost missing commissions as they'd been left as photo comments. I've now "tagged" myself in all my store page photos so that I get notified. That's the theory anyway!!