Thursday 5 August 2010

The biggest beachbag (bodge job) in the world ever!

Ok so I aquired 3 lovely vintage curtains from the bootfair a few months ago and knew straight away that they were destined to make me a fabulous floor cushion for my garden and a yummy beach bag. Do you ever know instantly what a piece of fabric is destined to be?

Inspired by this little beauty in the Cath Kidston catalogue I wanted something rectangular and sturdy, so I armed myself with super strong interfacing (which didn't actually do much at all) and my trusty sewing machine.

Having finally mastered making bags, the design of my beach bag was in my head, so I started to cut it out. Simple enough, four sides, one bottom, two handles and a side pocket + an additional zipper pouch made with Lamifix so it is wipeable and waterproof, attached with a clip to the bag all to be lined with a waterproof fabric.

I am always a bit over generous with my seam allowances but this time it would appear I had allowed for about a 3 foot allowance! Once it was all sewn up look at the size of it!

Still, thats ok, I am travelling to Egypt next week with my good friend Lauren who takes something for all eventualities and a 3 year old toddler who needs lots of stuff, so I am pretty confident we will just be sharing the one bag for our trips to the beach, all be it we might need to share carrying it!

I learnt some lessons though in making this bag (bodge..........dont look at it closely).

  • Dont use IKEA shower curtain as your waterproof lining. it's not strong and as soon as you pick it up laden with goodies it will tear away from the seam (now I need to re-line)
  • Be more patient when using Lamifix to make oil cloth substitute (see the additional pouch) it does not like being turned through and comes away from the fabric and wrinkles if it has not been pressed for long enough
  • Dont sew tired it only makes you rush (I put my handles in upside down and ended up unpicking to turn around and then put my lining in the wrong way round and had to pull it all out and start again. now it needs replacing for a third time because it has torn!!
Still, I am pleased with the final outcome, it is functional and next time round I will be able to make it far smaller and much neater! heres to experimenting..........CHEERS!!

*Please excuse the quality of my pictures, the flash on my camera is playing up and they were taken at dusk! I also confess to placing 2 cushions in the bottom of the bag so I could display my 'beach' items on top of them for photographic licence!!!


  1. Lovely fabric! Bodge or not as long as it does it's job, I don't mind!

  2. ill keep that in mind.


  3. Yes that bag is definitely roomy - as in everything but the kitchen sink!! Don't damage your shoulder carrying it. My favourite bag is a prototype with wonky handles! Keep experimenting...

  4. That's a great make! Love the fabric. :)