Friday 7 May 2010

Folksy Friday

Can you believe it is Friday again? Were are the days going? I have just had the inlaws staying with me and as usual we seem to have got through an entire packet of teabags! So in honour of copious amounts of tea drinking my Folksy Friday is all about TEA.

1) Teabag holder by Beautiful Things
2) Necklace by LonelyHearts
3) Teacup pin cushion by Landbaby
4) Tea cosy by Raggedydoodle
5) Tea cosy by Vintage Town


  1. The good old British Cuppa has never been so well honoured.

    Natalie x

  2. ooooh I love my cuppa! Lovely items, Di x

  3. lovely items, I think my fav is the necklace :)

  4. I love that last tea cosy - may have to buy a tea pot just to get one!!

  5. really pretty theme this week, the felt flowers are gorgeous! x

  6. i'm teacosy-less so any cosy appeals to me right now, great tea bag holder and cosies....tea-riffic picks ;0) ha ha ha

  7. That tea cosy is so cute.

    *mental note to get a tea bag holder from you nearer Christmas*

  8. The tea wallets are a fantastic idea, gorgeous picks too:)

  9. Ooh, I do love a good cup of tea!

    Those tea cosies are gorgeous and tea bag wallets are an inspired idea, especially if, like me, you simply MUST take your own teabags on holiday!

    (Actually; I really like ALL the items above!)

    Emma ♥

  10. Beautiful Items , I love your blog really enjoyed reading through. Please check mine out if you get a chance let me know what you think.
    ema x