Thursday 18 March 2010

Swap Partners

Sign up for the swap is now closed, thank you to all of you who did so. This post is for all 12 of you who got in before 10pm this evening, here are you partners and the rules:

Sharon (Likes gingham, vintage & flowers) swapping with Ang (Likes turquoise)
Tracey (Likes purple) swapping with Heather (Likes turquoise)
Little Musings (Likes pin cushions) swapping with Katy (Likes shabby chic)
Kim (Likes skulls) swapping with Nicci (Likes girly, glittery and Ed Hardy)
Fay (Likes vintage & berry colours) swapping with Lisa (Likes bunting, shabby chic, pom poms and fun colours)
Sally (Likes Vintage) swapping with Claire (Likes vintage & shabby chic)

Visit your partners site, find out the types of things they are in to and then make them a lovely 100% handcrafted gift to the theme they have requested. You can make whatever you like as long as it matches their theme or request.

Contact your swap partner for their address once you have finished, package your item with love and care and send it on it's way. Dont forget to blog about it and please also blog when you receive your swap in return, linking back to your partners blog and my blog as swap arranger.

All items to be posted and hopefully received by the end of April. I look forward to hearing all about your swaps in the coming month.



  1. Really looking forward to this, thanks for organising

  2. Great! Thanks for sorting out Claire x

  3. so exciting, im in the process of making mine right now. Looking forward to it.

    Katy x

  4. Thank you very much Claire - I will be getting busy this weekend :)