Tuesday 16 March 2010

Spring has sprung

Finally............for the past two days I have had my washing out on the line for the first time in six months. Granted I have been under the weather for the last day or two, so Mum put yesterdays lot out, but I have managed a couple of loads today too, despite feeling terrible.

The good thing about not wanting to move off the sofa, meant I vegged infront of the telly last night and sewed up all bar one of those little flower brooch sets I had made up earlier in the week.

I've even had a chance to post them onto the shop today thanks to Little Mack being surprisingly good and leaving me to get my rest.


  1. Aren't they colourful and spring like.

    Hope you feel better very soon! Elaine

  2. Wow love those flowers and fab blog and folksy shop! New follower!